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Hi, I’m Chris! I’ve been coaching since before it was even such a thing!

With working with thousands of clients, filling all types of coaching programs imaginable, generating multiple 6-figures and multiple revenue streams, later, I’ve learned exactly how to grow a coaching business filled with high end clients, and more importantly who we need to BE to attract these amazing clients!

BUT…it was not always this way for me…


“Self-care is as important as breathing” – Chris Atley

Section Backgrounds Too

Rewind a bunch of years,  I was running my coaching business, but something was off. My business wasn’t where I wanted it to be. After leaving a lucrative career in the insurance industry, I spent tons of time and what felt like a gazillion dollars growing my business! On paper it looked great and I was definitely seeing success, but I wasn’t where I wanted to be. More importantly where I knew I could be! You’ve probably felt the same. After some soul searching, I realized the common denominator was me!!! From there I underwent some even deeper transformation work – ahem like working with a shaman in Peru – that’s a real pic 👆 – along with other powerful thought leaders! I realized the beliefs keeping me stuck in old patterns and I was able to break free!!! I grew my business exponentially (10X in 10 months!) and this was after plateauing for years.

I know this to be true, if I can do it, you can do it! Most people stop because they are unwilling to do the mindset work to get there. But success is 90% mindset!! Now everything I teach integrates the strategy AND the mindset – to manifest the most easeful path to results, and the most aligned process for showing-up as the heart-centered expert you know you are.

You are an amazing ray of light! Keep moving forward in the direction of your dreams, because anything and everything is possible! Keep saying yes every day and allow the vision to unfold as you go. You can’t possibly know what the universe has in store for you until you start saying YESSSS! AND you must be willing to do whatever it takes to get out of your own way 🙂 Perseverance at it’s finest and self-care (worth) play a major factor.

I truly look forward to helping you along your journey,

~ Chris xox

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